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GNC Men's Oyster Extract Plus

60 Capsules

Provides 500mg of oyster extract complex.


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  • Provides 500mg of oyster extract complex.

  • For centuries, raw oysters have been a favourite food with a unique reputation.

  • Oyster extract is a preferred form because excess liquid has been removed.

  • Fortified with Korean Panax Ginseng, Mexican Damiana Leaves, Smilax and Gotu Kola herbs.

  • No synthetic chemical, stimulants, artificial flavours or colours.

  • Oyster Extract provides a totally natural source glycogen, phospholipids, marine vitamins and minerals and a rich source of the amino acid taurine.

  • Oyster Extract is understood to be particularly useful for body and liver cleansing, by promoting secretion of bile and enhancing its function.

  • Oyster extract is a good source of natural zinc for men's reproductive health
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