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The Chia Co - Black Chia Seed



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  • Guaranteed nutrition with perfect farming conditions

-       1 tablespoon (15g serving) provides:

- 6g Fiber

- 3g Omega 3

- 3g Protein

- Vitamins & Minerals


(Chia Co farms grow in the ideal day length, climate and soil for optimum sunlight. Irrigation ensure ideal amount of water to grow chia rich in omega 3. Every crop is  rigorously tested to ensure seed quality and purity)

  • Sun ripened, 100% chemical free
  • Non- GMO, Gluten- free whole food


  • As nutrition booster for our daily diet.
    - High fiber content (soluble & insoluble) helps to stabilize blood sugar, also helps to feel full longer thus reduce overeating
    - Omega 3 is vital for heart & brain health
    - Protein in chia is essential for cell repair & regeneration
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