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The Facts About Fish Oil

By GNC admin 6 years ago 14923 Views No comments

Fish oil has been in the news a lot lately. Whether you are new to omega-3 supplements or have been a long-time user, omega-3s have stood the test of time.

Probiotics Can Help You

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When we think about microbes, we often remember back to our high school biology class on the classification of different types of living things in the world – plants, animals and others.

Weight Loss Resolutions

By GNC admin 9 years ago 3860 Views 2 comments

Committing to losing weight is one of the most popular New Year resolutions. But, sticking to that commitment is also one of the most common resolutions to break.

Up Your Defense

By GNC admin 9 years ago 1868 Views No comments

While there’s no cure for the common cold, we do know of some simple things that can help give our immune systems an extra boost of protection:

Elevated Cholesterol

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The facts are overwhelming. About 1.2 million Americans each year will have a heart attack and about 25% will not survive. Besides smoking, elevated cholesterol

The Power of Antioxidant – OPCs

By GNC admin 9 years ago 2063 Views No comments

It is very important to ensure our bodies in healthy state throughout our lives in order for us to have quality and fruitful lives. To achieve this goal, it is crucial that we practise

Must Have Supplements

By GNC admin 9 years ago 3911 Views No comments

A whopping 89% of adults do not get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day! These foods are vital for maintaining good health because of their high vitamin and mineral content. The good news is that these nutrients are found in most multivitamins. Taking a daily multi will